Having your name written on a name badge might be something that you most people have overlooked. Sometimes you found your name misspelt but all you did was just shrug and let it go. Yet, imagine that you’re attending a big conference and there is a rare chance that everyone will shake everybody’s hand and introduce themselves. In this case, all that they can rely on is your name badge. Among all of the aspects that you can think of to get connected with people, your name plays the most important part represent who you are. Moments such as big conferences or even meetings like this don’t happen twice, and networking is the chance that you cannot miss out.

When you are thinking about networking, the first step that you’ll need to make is a good impression. This won’t happen if the attendees of the meeting can not find your name or even do not know your real name because it has been misspelt. It happens vice versa, somehow you do know you would like to meet someone important that you have never met before. Their name badge is the only thing that will rescue you to find out which one is him. With the right name badge on you and the other attendees, you won’t have to make such a long conversation and yet the conversation becomes more intimate between the both of you. 

Name badges do not only help the attendees to get to know each other more. Name badges could help the host of the event too. As the host, they don’t remember everybody’s names on the guest list. The first thing is just to look at their name badge and call them by their name. Training and meetings use this method so they can be more intimate with their participants. The connection is easier to build when you mention people by their name. 

It becomes fatal when you misspelt their names. Some will feel uncomfortable, and the intention to build a more intimate connection will be failed even before you tried it. So, this is why name badges play a vital role in networking. It is more like the front gate of networking. Let people notice you, and it’s easier for you to notice others when the name is written in the right way. To make it more attractive you can also customize the name badges of all attendees of the event that you’ll be hosting.